Canadian RV Road Trip to Bonnechere Provincial Park

Canada contains numerous attractions and sceneries that all RVers will love. From stunning national parks to glistening beaches, the country is a haven for those who enjoy road trip explorations. Amongst the famous destinations in the country is the Bonnechere Provincial Park.

Bonnechere Provincial Park is located in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. It lies just southeast on the boundary of Algonquin. The Ontario Parks appointed it as a recreational class wherein it has about 128 campsites, rustic cabins, and a day-use area. 


How to Get There

The stunning park was established in 1967 and is consists of 160 hectares of land. To get there from your RV, You have to pass through Ontario’s Highway 60 in Algonquin and turn onto Highway 67 toward the north of Round Lake.

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Once you pass through Round Lake, you get to have a glimpse of the famous and fantastic structure of St. Casimir’s Church. The church is located on top of the hill that overlooks the glistening lake. It’s a perfect spot for a picture as a remembrance.


The Bonnechere Provincial Park

As you reach the shoreline of Round Lake, you’ll be able to see the Park entrance. Bonnechere’s name is a combination of two french words: bonne, which means pleasant, and chere, which means dear. 

These two combined can have a wide range of meanings. Though the origin of its name is still disputed, the fact will remain that it has pleasant and wonderful terrains and waterways.


What It Offers

Through the shores of Round Lake drifts The Little Bonnechere River. Its winding waters offer guests countless hours of entertainment as they enjoy recreational activities like boating and canoeing.

Guest will enjoy a peaceful ambiance as luscious trees, and fantastic wildlife surrounds them. There are also various campsites along the shore to watch paddlers past or birds and ducks. 

Just southeast of the Ottawa River is The Ottawa-Bonnechere graben. It is a steep-sided valley ade when a block of land fell between two high ridges. Hikers can have a magnificent view from its impressive cliffs.

Its forest offers shades to hikers due to its luscious leaves as they hike through its trails. Some of the trees found in it are ash, maple, and hemlock trees.


Camping in the Park

The park has various campgrounds, including Tall Pines, River Loop, and Sandy Flats. It features multiple amenities and activities of campers. Below is a glimpse of what these campgrounds offer:

  • Tall Pines: The campground features 60 campsites and 24 electrical sites. Its enormous size allows it to accommodate various sizes of tents and RVs. Campers can enjoy the beauty of nature as it lies in the remnant of giant white pine trees. 
  • River Loop: The campground is excellent for small tents and class B type of motorhomes. Though there are no electrical hook-ups that can be found in the campsite, campers can enjoy camping near the edge of Bonnechere River, where it offers a relaxing view of the river and paddling canoes. 
  • Sandy Flats CG: This campground offers a peaceful environment away from the busy city. It has no electrical sites available in its campgrounds while its area is suites for small tents and trailers only. It includes a washroom and laundry facilities. Guest can also rent cottages and rustic cabins while vacationing. 

If you need to shop for some extra supplies, the Davenport Centre offers snacks and some essential camper items. It also offers canoe and kayak rental to campers. The Davenport Centre has historical programs about lodging and pioneer times. 


Recreational Activities

The park provides a wide range of activities for its campers. Some of these include bird watching, wherein it houses 297 species of birds, hiking on its beautiful long trails, canoeing along the river, and many more. For those who love fishing, you can go to the round lake. 

The Bonnechere Provincial Park is a haven for hikers. It features the McNaugton Trail, which is about two kilometers long. Along its trails, you’ll have a glimpse of 13 areas marked with posts and interpretive signs that shows a bit of history about the area. 

Overall, you’ll surely enjoy the stunning Bonnechere Provincial Park. With its spectacular sites and landscapes, you’ll enjoy a trip here in your RV. In addition, it has a wide range of activities to offer that will make your stay unforgettable.