Worst Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

Everybody has some flaws when it comes to their skin and everyone works to attain a perfect skin. Even though there may be many expensive cleansers and creams in the cabinet of your bathroom, but you may still be worrying that nothing really shows any effect. Of course, there has to be something that is not going in your favor. In fact, it may be some of your habits that are causing real damage to your skin. Mentioned below are some of the worst habits that should be avoided for enjoying a perfect skin.

Avoiding The Use Of Sunscreen

All of us have a realization of how important sunscreen is. Yes, sunscreen helps protect our skin against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Sunburns are clearly a sign of skin damage; however, exposing your skin to sun for too long can affect your skin negatively, leading to photoaging. When you expose your skin to UV rays it impacts the cells responsible to renew the skin in a bad way. Aging process is accelerated by the ultraviolet radiations and this ultimately leads to wrinkles, age spots, and dark spots. So, if you do not apply sunscreen before you step out then you are exposing your skin to some serious damage caused by the sun.

Picking Pimples

Picking pimples is one of the unavoidable bad habits in many that damage the skin seriously. Yes, only dermatologists can prescribe the best treatment for acne. You can never get clearer skin just by popping pimples. No matter how much you are tempted to pop your pimples, avoid and resist touching the face every now and then. When you pick your pimples, you only end up spreading that infection all over the face and this worsens your acne further.

Use of Harsh Cleansers

The skin of our face is quite delicate, soft and open to acne. Those who have oily skin often get attracted towards cleansers which make the skin too dry. It may seem to be a great idea, using harsh cleansers strips your skin of the good oils it carries. As a result, oil production is accelerated and more breakouts are caused.


Excess of anything is bad! Though it is good to exfoliate once in a week to get rid of blackheads and dead cells, your skin gets dry when you over-exfoliate. Furthermore, it is important to opt for right kind of exfoliation.

Sleep Skimping

All of us require 7-8 hours proper sleep for boosting the metabolism, energy levels, and for promoting good mood. When you’re skimping your sleep, you are welcoming dark circles, dull skin and puffy eyes. Free radicals are generated in the body when you lack sleep and they are not so good for the skin. Furthermore, most of repairing work is done by our skin itself at night.


One may have a dream to have clear skin! However, when you use a cleanser to wash your face 5 times every day then you’ve simply lost your track. Over-washing leads to dry skin and causes cracks and the skin becomes vulnerable to small wrinkles and infections.