Remedies for Back Pain – Relief Other than Medication

Back pain is a major health concern these days and amongst the common reasons for people to visit a doctor or miss work. But what can be done for getting back pain relief if one doesn’t find it too attractive to visit a doctor every now and then. There are ways, besides medication, that can be followed for back pain treatment and can help to relieve moderate or mild back pain, especially when they are part of some comprehensive back pain treatment plan. Let’s have a look at some of these.


According to studies, acupuncture can prove to be useful as a supplement to different other conventional therapies for the lower back pain. It was found to be more effective compared to any other treatment for relieving back pain.

How does it work? As per conventional Chinese medicine, the pain in the back is a result of blocked energy present along the energy pathways in our body. In acupuncture, we insert needles in the body along the invisible energy pathways to unblock them. It may be able to release the natural opioids that relieve pain, send the signals to sympathetic nervous system, as well as release hormones and neurochemicals.

If you are looking to try acupuncture for back pain relief then you should initially go 1-3 times in a week and keep practicing this for at least few weeks. Acupuncture might be tax-deductible as medical expense while some of the insurance plans also pay for it.

Massage Therapy

Several studies have been conducted on massage therapy as a treatment to back pain and the researchers have been able to find out that massage can prove to be quite beneficial for the patients who have chronic and subacute non-specific lower back pain. It can work even better particularly when it is combined with other exercises.

Massage therapy can also prove to be a source of alleviating depression and anxiety that is often associated with the chronic pain. It’s also considered to be most famous natural therapy to treat lower back pain in pregnancy.


The back pain is said to be amongst most common of all reasons why people go to the chiropractors. The chiropractic doctors tend to make use of chiropractic spinal manipulation for restoring the joint mobility. Some sort of controlled force is applied by them to the joints which have been restricted by the muscle injury, inflammation, pain and strain. It is believed that manipulation can be a source of back pain relief and can tighten the muscle along with encouraging healing.

According to a research, the chiropractic care which involves the spinal manipulation can also reduce symptoms as well as improve the function in the patients suffering from chronic lower back pain, sub-acute lower back pain, and acute lower back pain. It is believed that when exercise is combined with the chiropractic care, it can result in speeding up and improving the outcomes. Plus, besides back pain relief, it can also serve as a protection against the future back pain.