Natural Skin Care Tips – How To Use Avocado Oil For Skin Care

Besides using Avocado oil for cooking purposes, it can also be used as a natural skin care product. So, if you are looking for some natural skin care tips then using Avocado oil comes amongst the top ones. This oil carries vitamin E that is helpful in maintaining smooth, clear complexion.

Avocado is commonly used for different skin treatments and face packs. However, it can become tedious to cut the fruit and scoop it to use as skin treatment. As an alternate, avocado oil can be used for this kind of treatments.

Before you start to use avocado oil for skin, it is necessary to perform allergy test. Use only 2-3 drops to rub over the arm and then wait for a day to see if any side effects show up. In case if there is some problem then you should not use avocado oil on your skin. But if everything remains normal then you can carry on.

Here are some natural skin care tips for you to use avocado oil in different ways.

Facial Moisturizer

It’s a good way of using this oil as it helps with facial skincare. Avocado fruit has some oil hidden inside its peel and this oil contains humectant that carries moisture. Massage on your face using upward strokes gently and allow the oil to settle in for around 15 minutes. The oil can be left overnight and then you can wash it as you wake up in morning.

Soothing Bath

Heat a couple of cups of the oil in pan after combining it with one cup almond oil. Now take the mixture off the stove to add a couple of green tea-bags in it and let the solution cool down. After removing tea bags, add two drops rose oil, ten drops lavender essential oil, eight drops chamomile oil and four drops ylang ylang to it. Use amber bottle to store this solution or around 24 hours allowing all these oils to blend well. For best experience, include this oil (2 ounces) in the bath water and enjoy a soothing bath.

As Moisturizer After A Bath

One of the best natural skin care tips is to use this oil as moisturizer after a bath. Mix one part each of avocado oil, almond oil and jojoba oil. Add orange essential oil, just a few drops, into the mixture as this will make the mixture smell fresh and fruity. Now keep this mixture in your bathroom in a bottle. Once you have taken a bath, pat the skin dry to apply the oil mix on your body. It will keep your body well-moisturized and soft.

Dry Skin Care

Those who have dry, dehydrated and rough skin can use a mixture of olive oil and avocado oil. Applying these oils regularly will be helpful in rejuvenating your skin. The mixture should be applied twice in a day, at least. This is one of the best natural skin care tips that will keep your dry skin moisturized and well taken care of.

With these natural skin care tips and homemade skin care methods, you can take good care of your skin and can keep it look fresh, young and attractive for good.