Goa Cruise Party – The Finest Way of Enjoying Life

Goa is heaven. It really is sheer bliss when you are in this land where life is really a festival. It is ideal for refreshing vacations and just using this world if you’re planning a special occasion for instance a honeymoon, a wedding or perhaps a corporate party. The beaches are wonderful whether you wish to hold an evening party or a party at night under star studded skies with the breezes gently caressing you.

Make Sunset cruises Cape Town with a yacht cruise party. It is possible to hold a celebration on the deck of a yacht as it lazily cruises the gentle swells of the ocean. There is a certain hypnotic charm to the rocking motions of the boat, the sight of nothing but the ocean around you for miles and the mellow golden orange Sun sinking in to the sea. Night falls as well as your party kicks off on altogether privacy.

A yacht cruise party on the Mandovi River can be an experience of another kind. Here you glide along the smooth waters of a calm river far from the banks, reveling in the company of your friends and relations as you celebrate your wedding, a birthday, a corporate occasion or a family get-to-gether.

Mayem Lake, about 10 km from Panjim city, is plumb in the heart of a 20000 square meter garden and provides an ideal setting for a celebration. The lake shores are ideal for a celebration with all facilities available but a yacht cruise party is simply heavenly with your boat gently rocking to the motion of the water and providing you a totally different feel.

You have three options of celebrating an event with a party on board a yacht. Time of the day adds another color to your celebration as does the season. If it is winter, there is nothing just like a whole day spent partying on open deck boats either across the banks of the Mandovi or on a yacht which you can use to create a short visit to private beaches on small islands off Mobor. Guests can dance, fish, admire dolphins, eat and drink to the accompaniment of typical Goan music. Sunsets have a particular appeal and you may begin the party with a sunset cruise on the River Mandovi or the Sal River, take in some birdlife and then get right down to the serious business of partying as the night falls. Night, of course, has its special charm in that it creates intimacy, the proper mood and is the perfect time to party before early hours. With a yacht at your disposal for the entire night, party away and then retire below decks for some rest.

The simplest way to go about it is to get hold of a Goa tour operator and also have him book a whole yacht for a couple of hours or for the entire night. Invite your guests, plan the menu, select the choicest drinks, music, decorations and a band if you want and you are set to have the most rollicking time of your life.

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