Anti Aging Tips – Top 3 Things To Do To Keep Yourself Young

With all the advancements made in medical science, there has been an increase in people’s interest towards living healthier and longer lives. There has also been a boom in the industry of anti aging products. As soon as there is some new hormone, diet or enzyme suggested by medical science, companies rush to introduce products based on the new findings. But not all of these products come with the best results.

However, there are some proven anti aging tips that have the scientific support as well. These anti aging tips prove to be helpful in staving off the symptoms and effects of aging. Here are top 3 things that one can do to keep things under control and stay ahead of the aging process.

Quit Smoking

It is amongst the top anti aging tips and, probably, the hardest as well. If you have already quit smoking then you’re good to go! But if you still smoke, here are the reasons for you to quit smoking and pamper your skin.

There are serious side effects of smoking that appear on your skin in different ways. Even the smoke can cause biochemical changes in your skin cells when it touches your skin. It also damages elastin and collagen that are present in dermal layers and offer elasticity and pliability to the skin tissues. As a result, wrinkling and sagging of your skin is accelerated. You also end up constricting your blood vessels by cigarette smoking. These vessels are deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells and their constriction slows down the production as well as growth of skin cells.

Eat Healthy

It is one of the top anti aging tips to eat healthy. This tip actually highlights the process of our body through which it extracts nutrients from the food. So, you get whatever is put in the body.

There are some foods that are known to fight aging process with the help of nutrients they carry. Our body wears down due to the cellular destruction caused by the free radicals. These radicals might attach to the mitochondrial DNA of the cell and, if they do, it results in damage that can cause the cell to die eventually.

Foods that have antioxidants in them have been proven to neutralize the free radicals. So, eat foods that have antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and the beta carotene. Cold-water fish, such as salmon and trout, as well as colorful vegetables are often recommended by physicians.

Get Rid of The Stress

Studies have shown a clear link between our mind and body. Chronic stress has been found to shorten cells’ lifespan by affecting the telomeres, ends of the chromosomes which let DNA to replicate itself successfully and result in new cells. Wearing down of telomeres causes DNA not to divide any longer. Eventually, the cells, tissues, and finally the organs start to die.

So, reduction of stress is one of the best anti aging tips that helps to fight aging from the inside. When you get rid of the stress you feel, you start getting better sleep and it results in reduction of the aging effects, such as wrinkles as well as bags underneath the eyes.

You can try natural stress relievers and there may not be any need of medical intervention or pills. Exercise comes at the top of them all. Exercise regimen is the fundamental recommendation from most physicians to reduce stress. It can help boost your self-confidence, discharges pleasure-inducing chemicals inside your brain and helps you to combat stress. Furthermore, spending good time with your family and friends can also be helpful as well.

These are the top 3 anti aging tips that will keep you young as long as you would like and help you in fighting the effects of aging process.