Acupuncture as an Alternative Treatment to Regulate Blood Pressure

Many things have been said about this holistic treatment. Maybe you heard from family, friend or even specialists, that acupuncture is an effective treatment to fight hypertension. According to a 2007 study, this is not completely wrong.

This technique was invented in China about 2000 years ago, and since those days, it has been used to treat different health conditions. Thanks to globalization, this practice was spread all around the world. In fact, acupuncture has changed from its ancient form to a modern version, due to the new elements added such as magnets, electricity, and laser.

It’s hard to measure the benefits of acupuncture in a proper way, because it’s based on a 2000-year-old philosophy and not on scientifically provable facts. Taking this into consideration, it has been a difficult task for the scientists and specialists, to make an accurate opinion on its effectivity.

Can Acupuncture Really Help to Treat Hypertension?

This question was the reason why a group of scientists made a research about how this practice affects this specific medical condition. The results were in favor of acupuncture.
This study was made in the year of 2007 and showed that in fact, acupuncture helps to control hypertension, but it’s just as effective as any regular drug treatment for reducing blood pressure.

In this study, they offered two different treatments to a total of 160 patients in China and in Germany, that suffered different levels of hypertension. One group from the sample population was given a real acupuncture treatment, performed by a certificated Chinese expert, while another group received a placebo treatment.

The placebo treatment was also using needles in a similar way as acupuncture, but with the difference that they settled the needles without following the real acupuncture technique used for the treatment of high blood pressure. They took twenty-two half-an-hour-long sessions, within a total of six weeks.

Once they finished the test, they came to the conclusion that the hypertension patients who were treated with the genuine and traditional acupuncture technique, were in fact benefited by the treatment. The results showed a decrease in blood pressure of the patients who received the ancient and traditional treatment, by 5mm Hg and 3mm Hg. Moreover, when the patients stopped taking the treatment, they got back to the same high blood pressure condition in no more than nineteen days. Based on that, the researchers suggested that acupuncture may help to regulate blood pressure. However, it is just as effective as a regular drug-based treatment, or the incorporation of healthy living habits, such as exercising or sodium (salt) restriction.

What does this say about the effectiveness of acupuncture as treatment for hypertension?

There is no better way to prove or disprove a theory, than submitting it to a scientific experiment. Thus, the experiment showed that the results of acupuncture and placebo treatments were different. Only the group of patients treated with a real acupuncture method, using the correct insertion points, angles and depth, experienced improvement in their condition, while the other group did not show any improvements.

However, in this modern and globalized world, it is really easy to find a certified acupuncturist. It is even more difficult to find one that really follows the correct and traditional procedure, in order to get a real effective result. This means you may only be spending money and putting your health and your life at risk.

Therefore, we can say that acupuncture effectively helps to regulate the blood pressure, but it is not the best way to do it. The reason is that, even when you can find a genuine and certificated acupuncturist with the right technique, you still need to take at least three acupuncture sessions per week, for the rest of your life, in order to get any significant result.

Regarding the results of the study discussed above, that showed how acupuncture really helps to improve blood pressure, it is more recommended and more practical, to just use standard medication treatment, accompanied by 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise, and control salt ingestion, in order to maintain your health condition. This way, you might find a real effective and stable way to treat hypertension.

In conclusion, we admit that acupuncture can provide health benefits related to hypertension, but we also need to keep in mind that no matter how we want to use natural, holistic treatments for our health problems, it is always better to discuss your situation with your doctor and see whether it is a good option for you.