I integrate a broad range of healing modalities that are customized to the patient. This personalized approach ensures that treatments are not rushed and take into account your personal needs. My methods can include energy work, acupuncture (both Japanese and Chinese methods), acupressure (for those who don’t want needles), craniosacral methods (extremely gentle manipulation techniques), herbal products, heat therapy, therapeutic massage, diet, qigong (Chinese exercises for energy movement) and several other methods.


I only treat one person at a time in order to provide appropriate attention and practice this medicine in the way I find most respectful and effective. I will not be managing different treatment rooms or leaving you alone in the middle of the treatment to attend to someone else. Appointment times are long enough so that patients are not rushed. I take time to listen and understand your needs and condition.

Blending with Western Approaches

I have a broad education in both Western and Eastern Medicine, and am continually expanding that knowledge to keep abreast of new methods and discoveries in both fields. I recognize the importance of both paradigms. I successfully bridge the two views, integrating with Western medical treatment that you may be receiving.


Time is also taken to explain what is being done to help ensure understanding and promote the healing process. When you are informed, results improve. Self care techniques are taught and encouraged to speed results and decrease costs.